Finally upload with no size limits

Arfaly Press is a responsive and powerful wordpress plugin that helps website administrator to acquire digital information (Files, Videos, Music, Audio, Documents and Archives) with ease, by providing a complete management features and allow wordpress admins to create infinite number of diffrenetly configured instances of multi-file uploaders accross their sites. This plugin is responsive and highly configurable with a contemporary design and native UX animation for swiftness and maximum usability.

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Use an inbuilt chat system, email or call our 24/7 support department directly to deal with any issue.

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Arfaly Press Features

GByte upload size limit

Get the freedom for your users to upload as much large files as you need. With chunk upload technology, users can upload Gigabytes of files with no old upload_max restrictions.

Ready for translation

Arfaly Press has a ready template (.PO) that can be translated efficiently and easily to any targeted language.

Responsive Design

Arfaly press has been built with care to make it work gracefully across different common browsers and screen resolutions.

Accepts wide range of MIME’s

It can filter and accept most known file types (Documents, Audio, Video, Music, and Archives).


Auto generated and highly configurable WordPress shortcode for your uploaders that can be easily placed wherever you want in your website.

Global Settings

Global setting for Arfaly Press that allow the admins to control general options like (Auto-approve, Email notifications, and File filters).

Instantiate unlimited uploader’s

You can instantiate hundreds of uploaders with different constraints and options that touches (File size, Upload limits, Accessibility, Customizing themes and styles).

Three different modern templates

You have the luxury to choose from three different customizable templates for Arfaly uploader to match the style of your website.