Arfaly Gold – Upload & Share with no limit

Arfaly Gold is a professional WordPress plugin that adds unlimited responsive and cohesive upload and share capabilities to your website, with Arfaly Gold you can create and build beautiful forms and uploaders; and, also you can select, archive, export, and securely share files to the social media.


Swift multimedia file collection

Arfaly Gold allows you to exquisitely collect multimedia files through a responsive and multi-styled uploader, that accepts multi-file uploads up to 2GB of size bypassing all host restrictions through Chunk Upload feature.

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Easy sharing

Do you have valuable content to share? Arfaly Gold will help you boost your traffic and increase engagement by providing export media feature and social integration where users can download and forward your shareable archive to five most commonly used social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest).

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Upload with no size limits

With the new chunk upload feature, say good buy to the hosts upload constraints (max file size/post size). Arfaly Gold will optimally let you only focus on your website productivity and interactivity.

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Use Arfaly Gold to generate comprehensive reports about the user uploads. Select your desired range to see statistic updates accordingly.




With Arfaly Gold you can set expiry date and password for a single or batch of files and share them through social media easily (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest).


Arfaly Gold is already translated to 6 most common languages

(مرحبا – Welcome – Bonjour – Добро пожаловат – Bienvenida – 歡迎)



Developer Friendly

For those developers who are interested on integrating Arfaly Gold Uploader and its features with their own code. Here is some useful hooks and action that you can use.


Integrated to the elegant Caldera Forms

Arfaly Gold has been integrated to one of the most modern, flexible and uprising dynamic free Form builder (Caldera Forms). With this integration you can create numerous powerful and custom forms and still enjoying the Arfaly Gold uploader experience.

Demo Calder Forms Documentation





With the new chunk upload feature, say good buy to the hosts upload constraints (max file size/post size). Arfaly Gold will optimally let you only focus on your website productivity and interactivity.


Download manager enable you to style and share downloads to post and pages through shortcodes. You can track the traffic and user engagement from the backend download counter.




Arfaly Gold Features

GByte upload size limit

Get the freedom for your users to upload as much large files as you need. With chunk upload technology, users can upload Gigabytes of files with no old upload_max restrictions.

Ready for translation

Arfaly Press has a ready template (.PO) that can be translated efficiently and easily to any targeted language.

Responsive Design

Arfaly press has been built with care to make it work gracefully across different common browsers and screen resolutions.

Accepts wide range of MIME’s

It can filter and accept most known file types (Documents, Audio, Video, Music, and Archives).


Auto generated and highly configurable WordPress shortcode for your uploaders that can be easily placed wherever you want in your website.

Global Settings

Global setting for Arfaly Press that allow the admins to control general options like (Auto-approve, Email notifications, and File filters).

Instantiate unlimited uploader’s

You can instantiate hundreds of uploaders with different constraints and options that touches (File size, Upload limits, Accessibility, Customizing themes and styles).

Three different modern templates

You have the luxury to choose from three different customizable templates for Arfaly uploader to match the style of your website.