iTechFlare is a private company specialized in providing business software and web technology solutions. The entity of iTechFlare is the result of a powerful team of engineers and consultant experts that have above thirty years of experience in computer & communication field; doing software design and analysis for complex problems.

Since its establishment, iTechFlare has quickly penetrated the market and done a tremendous amount of achievements, in providing business and quality solutions to a highly reputed customers internationally.

iTechFlare is providing the following main computer software services:

  • WordPress Development Consultation
  • Crafting WordPress plugins
  • Analysis, Design & Requirement Management
  • Web Development Training


iTechFlare physical presence in Libya/Canada means the availability of a dedicated team that offers 24/7 support to all its customers ensuring service quality and availability.  iTechFlare staff have all been highly educated and trained to keenly and efficiently serve our customer need.

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About us


We are developers with strong academic background, which mean that we know how to devise theoretical solution and transform it into a tangible software.


We have strong experience in building scalable web application that insures consistency, availability, and partition tolerance.


We are experienced in employing machine intelligence algorithms and common techniques to various kind of problems (Image Processing, Control, Decision Making, Data Analytic, Classification, and Clustering) .