Multi-Image Uploader & Live Gallery Builder

Closify Press is one of a kind plugin that gathers all website owners need in terms of image acquisition and live gallery building. Simply after your users upload there photos using Closify Custom uploaders, you can easily build live elegant galleries and flexibly filtering them by user-names, user-roles, album, or category.

Uploaded by Admins only – Gallery mixed by Tech, Natural & Other Albums (Flip In X – effect):

Guests only – Natural Closify Album with Pagination Feature enabled:

(Masonry View) Just display every image uploaded by any user:


Responsive infinite uploaders and gallery builder

Closify Tinymce editor plugin

Closify editor plugin

Use the simple Closify editor (TinyMce) plugin to generated mashed galleries that could be flexibly multi-filtered by albums and users

Here is an automatic shortcode generation done using a smart Editor TinyMCE form for the above shown galleries

Filtered by Guests only - Natural Closify Album:

{ closify-collage closify_ids="952,950,468,467,466,439,424,420,412" all_checked="false" effect="flipInX" roles="Administrator" thumb_size="medium" img_per_page="10" image_width="180" }

Filtered by Admin user - Gallery from Tech Album:

{ closify-collage closify_ids="950" effect="zoomInDown" user_ids="0" img_per_page="5" image_width="150" pagination="on" }

Filtered by All users - Gallery from a mix of Tech, Natural & Other Albums (Side flip effect):

{ closify-collage closify_ids="952,950,468,467,466,439,424,420,412" all_checked="true" effect="zoomInDown" thumb_size="medium"  img_per_page="10" image_width="160" }